Members of the Bluffton High School Class of 1961

   The following pictures are of former Bluffton (Indiana) High School students.  Some were sent to me, some were taken at annual Street Fairs, and a few of the older pictures were given to me by  classmates.  

Dave & Doug Durr
Elaine Hansen
Sally Garrett  Vicki Patterson
Young(er) Joe Smekens
Older Joe Smekens
Roger Keller & Gene Kyle
Dave Durr - N.D. BB camp
Gene Kyle & David Archer
Former classmate Kenny Rice
Gene Kyle
Judy Biberstine & Lois J. Harris
Lois Jean & Judy B.
Viet Nam Mem. designed by Mad. Habig
Jean Isch & Madeleine Habig
Madeleine Habig & brother
Mike Ward & Son
Bill Campbell says "Fore!"
Bill C. in his apt. in Germany
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Sandy Fritz
Bill Tudor and friends
Grillmaster Curt Mann
Jane and Curt Mann
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Mike Ward, Wife & Daughters
Class of '61 Ladies at Lunch

       Ugaldi's - June, 2009
Charleen Ross - 2009
Charlene "Chip" Ross - 2009
Susan & Wayne Grove arrive
Mike Ward, John Sowards,    Vicki Patterson arrive
Elaine Hansen, Bill Tudor, Gene Kyle
John Sowards, Mike Ward

Gene Kyle, Monty Musser, Dave Piety, John Sowards
Joe Stroud, Elaine & Husb., Wayne Grove
Robin Steury, Vicki Patterson
Elaine & Husb., Wayne Grove
The "Gang"
Irene - caught at work
How many remember Fritz Electric?
How many can you name?
Ralph Miller and Linda Carnall
a chance mtg. in Arkansas.